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My business ties me strongly to my valued clients and my goal is to continue to extend you a level of service and attention that is not dependant on whether you are prepared to do a transaction. I appreciate the opportunity to serve you and have designed my site to provide you, as a homeowner, valuable resources that can assist you in your goals, hobbies, and living.


                        PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE:

 The most important part of listing a home with an agent is not what the agent does and says to get the listing, but what he does with the listing once he has it. The agent's marketing program and performance will affect how quickly a home sells and the net proceeds the seller receives. You have my personal guarantee that I will do the following to market your home:


 1) I will help you make your home more marketable and more appealing. With my guidance and               

     your assistance, your home will become as attractive as possible to potential buyers.


 2) I offer the most Aggressive Marketing Plan in the Real Estate industry. I will access 100% + of the

     available buyer pool.


3) I offer the best advertising in the business. You will not find another Realtor that offersequal

    advertising exposure.


4) Our Company’s sign will be placed in your front yard. It brings with it the power of over 70,000

    agents and millions of dollars worth of brand recognition.


5) I offer the most extensive and aggressive Choose a Neighbor program in the industry.


6) An extremely professional informational and photo brochure will be created for your home.

    This brochure will feature top quality photos and an exclusive, detailed home tour.


7) I hold Open Houses if appropriate, to your benefit, and convenient for you.


8) I follow-up with the showing agent each time a buyer views your home. I want you to know what

    buyers and agents who have viewed your home are thinking


9) I offer the best personal and company Referral Networks in the Real Estate Industry.


10) Your home will be exposed to many thousands of buyers, locally, nationally and internationally,

      through our aggressive computer generated direct and indirect Marketing Program.


11) I do a weekly Market Analysis to assure your home is still competitive in the marketplace.


12) I work extremely hard to build and maintain a high level of community identity and recognition. My

      image is a pipeline that funnels potential buyers into your Home.


13) An agent’s relationship with the rest of the Real Estate Community, if positive, is a very powerful

      marketing tool. I have worked very hard to develop a quality relationship with my peers. We

      actively and aggressively market your home to the other agents in the area.



14)I offer the professionalism and guidance necessary to price your home correctly.


15) I constantly communicate with and update you. You will receive weekly phone calls and written

      progress reports.


16) I offer a Service-Team that includes: assistants, a closing group, multiple lenders, a title company,

      several home-related businesses and myself, the team captain. My team is second to none.




17) I will expose your home to thousands of other agents by displaying it in our local and in

      neighboring multiple listing services.


18) Your home will be caravanned by as many agents as possible. After the caravans, I poll each and

      every agent who viewed the property in order to benefit from their marketing expertise.


19) I offer incentive and convenience items, such as a key safe, to encourage buyer showings.


20) I will stand by you for life. I never forget that this is your home, not mine. Your satisfaction is far

      more important to me than is any commission check.





(A) We don’t wait around hoping another agent will find your home in the Multiple Listing Site and sell it.

       We Aggressively Seek Buyers by actively marketing your home.


(B) We are not afraid to spend money to maximize the Exposure Your Home receives.


(C) We offer a step-by-step, organized, and extremely effective Marketing Plan that has proven itself to be the

       most powerful and successful Home Selling system in the world.


(D) Me, and my company’s, recognition and image are extremely beneficial to you.


(E) We offer specific goals. Our goals include getting the best possible price, in the shortest amount of time,

       for your home. We also want to market your home with the fewest possible inconveniences to you.


(F) We access 100% of the Buyer Pool. We draw buyers from the real estate community, from our powerful websites, from signs, from advertising, from our internationally recognized name, from thousands of referral contacts, and from many, many other sources.


(G) We know the real estate business! Our knowledge comes from both formal real estate education and from

       the hands-onexperience of having closed hundreds of real estate transactions. When you hire us, you are

       hiring true professionals!



My goal is to have you be amazed with the quality of my services. You have my personal guarantee that you will never find a more complete and satisfying Real Estate Service anywhere in the world. Your satisfaction is our only purpose.



Thank you in advance for giving me

the opportunity to be your realtor of choice.

You are appreciated!

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